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Wedding customs of Mudaliyaars

Wedding customs of Mudaliyaars
Marital traditions:
In our community, the alliance is confirmed through a memorandum where the father of the boy and that of the girl sign the contract. In this engagement ceremony, the groom's family hands over gifts, which include sarees, jewelry, and 21 platters of fruits and dried nuts and fruits. The date of the wedding is also fixed on this day.

Special marital customs: List of ceremonies
1. The engagement: Finalizing the marriage through a memorandum
2. Pandakal: Erecting the marriage 'pandaal'
3. Nalangu: Beautifying the bride
4. The bridegroom's reception: Receiving the groom
5. Preparations on the morning of the wedding
6. Arsan Kal: Erecting the bamboo stick in front of the marriage platform
7. Padapuja & Kasi Yatra: The groom washes his parents' feet and proceeds on a mock pilgrimage
8. Mahalaxmi puja: Prayers offered to the Goddess of wealth
9. Manai Pongal: Rice is cooked in a clay pot
10. Kanganam: Tying of the sacred yellow thread
11. Kanikadanam: Giving away the bride
12. Mangalyam: Tying of the sacred 'mangalyam' on the bride
13. Exchange of garlands: The couple exchange garlands three times
14. Omam: The couple pays homage to the sacred fire
15. Sesha: Blessing the couple
16. Paying homage to the Arasanikkal: The couple goes around the 'arasanikkal' three times
17. Reception: Post wedding celebrations

Special cultural nuances:
All the wedding rituals begin with a 'Ganesha puja'. 'Pandakal' is a ceremony where nine 'sumangalis' or married women smear 'haldi'/turmeric and 'kumkum'/vermilion on a bamboo pillar that is erected for a four-legged 'pandal'/shed.

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